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Medeshamstede Academy

Lunchtime Clubs

We have a range of lunchtime activities for the pupils from Year 3 and above to access to support positive experiences during non-structured times Over the course of the year we have had the following;

Monday –   Yoga, DS Club

Tuesday –  Sewing, Villagers and Werewolves (Drama)

Wednesday – Eco Warriors 

Thursday –  Science, Chess

Friday –  Film club and Wii Club

In addition to these there is a slot allocated for each group to access ICT club at least once a week.

Alongside the clubs that are available to pupils each day, they also have the option to go outside into the shared space to use the physical play equipment, the trampolines and the trim-trail.

Furthermore we aware many of our pupils enjoy a quiet space and provision is made on an individual basis to offer indoor spaces monitored by a member of staff.

As every we are constantly evaluating and adapting our lunchtime offer to ensure it is a positive and effective period of time. We would always welcome any new ideas for lunchtime activities from pupils and parents to help us with this.