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Medeshamstede Academy

Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy is the use of a trampoline to promote opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation, for children and young people across the whole spectrum of special needs.  It is particularly beneficial for children and young people with ASD as it is a logical teaching process that develops fundamental progressions of movement patterns designed to encourage the student to continually develop whilst at the same time experiencing healthy exercise and enjoyment. 

We have used our School Sports Premium funding to develop, embed and maintain a Rebound Therapy and Trampolining provision across the Primary School and offer continued support for our pupils as they progress into Secondary School.  We aim to deliver sessions to pupils at a range of levels appropriate to their needs and developmental stage. Pupils can currently access learning from Level 1 (low level rhythmic movement/experience and skills) all the way to Level 8 (GCSE P.E. standard trampolining skills).  We have also used the funding to continue the development of a permanent space for Rebound Therapy/Trampolining sessions that can be accessed at all times throughout the school day.

We routinely ask parents/carers to update our school system with the most up to date medical information so that we can accurately and safely plan sessions that take into account all of our children and young people’s developing medical, physical, social, and emotional needs.  We also respect the wish for parents/carers not to give permission for their child or young person to take part in Rebound Therapy/Trampolining sessions and will record this wish on our school system. 

As with any type of physical activity there is a level of carefully managed and minimalised risk involved when participating in Rebound Therapy/Trampolining.  Every pupil will go through an internal screening (medical/behaviour/physical/cognition/communication) process that will determine their suitability for sessions.  There may be times where your child/young person cannot access a session based upon the rigorous, continuous and timely risk assessments and screening that is part of our every-day practice within this subject area.