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Medeshamstede Academy

Sports Premium & P.E./Sport

Welcome to our Sports Premium & P.E./Sport page.  You will find links below to our Sports Premium 2018/19 Spend Plan and also our impact statement from last years 2017/18 spend.  Please click on the links below for more information.

Sports Premium 2018/19 Spend Plan

Sports Premium 2018/19 Spend Plan

Vision and aims for P.E. and School Sport at Medeshamstede Academy


At Medeshamstede Academy our vision is to provide the highest quality P.E. and School Sport for all children and young people of all abilities. 

We want pupils to develop an appreciation of movement and exercise, recognising the positive impact that it can have on maintaining and improving their physical/emotional regulation, well-being and health. 

We want pupils to recognise how P.E. and Sport can contribute towards the development of their own strategies for independent management of their Autism/Asperger’s.


We aim to ensure the following pupil outcomes:

1) Pupils who enjoy P.E. and School Sport and have the confidence to take part in a variety of different opportunities in different environments.  Pupils are enthusiastic and willing to develop new skills. 

2) Pupils who are committed to P.E. and School Sport, showing consistent high levels of engagement and enthusiasm in lessons, clubs, external activities and opportunities, contributing to the development of improved communication and generalisation of skills, rules, behaviour and expectations.

3) Pupils who understand that P.E. and School Sport are important as part of a healthy, active, lifestyle.  They are able to use regular physical activity to develop their gross and fine motor skills and maintain physical/emotional regulation leading to improved well-being.  Pupils can explain the opportunities that are available to them in school.

4) Pupils who know and understand what they are trying to achieve during P.E. and School Sport and know what they need to do in order to develop their levels of skill acquisition and ultimately improve and progress.  Pupils that are supported to realise their potential and willingly challenge themselves to experience a range of competitive, creative, and challenge-type activity both as individuals and as part of a team or group despite their various social difficulties.

5) Pupils that are learning to manage their individual sensory processing difficulties to become resilient, respectful and responsible learners developing a range of personal qualities through healthy lifestyle choices, regular physical activity and competitive situations.  They have a sense of belonging, pride, confidence, team spirit, fair play and can apply themselves to rules and uphold the spirit of good sportsmanship.

6) Pupils that can describe the long term benefits of physical activity and exercise and show understanding of how it can help them to live long, happy, healthy lives and support the management of their Autism/Asperger’s.