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Medeshamstede Academy


How we offer children and young people support to access the school curriculum:

  • Our approach to differentiation is through assessment and adaptation to curriculum delivery through quality first teaching, individual teaching and learning approaches and individual target setting.
  • Individuals, or small groups of children, have personalised learning programmes containing individual learning outcomes for every subject.
  • Effective differentiation will enable pupils to participate fully in all aspects of learning in order to make the best possible progress.
  • An IEP (Individual Educational Plan) or an IBP (Individual Behaviour Plan) may be put in place for some pupils.  Staff are able to meet the needs of the student by implementing the strategies detailed in the plan.  Effective progress is reviewed through timed targets, success criteria and measurable outcomes.
  • Our curriculum is based on the EYFS curriculum guidance and the National Curriculum and includes all subject areas. The curriculum may be adapted by staff to enable pupils to access each subject in a meaningful and purposeful way.
  • Extra support is allocated according to the needs of the individual or group. As all classes have high staffing ratios each teacher is able to quickly identify any requirements for additional support. This will be discussed with the SENCo, senior leadership team, parents/carers, other professionals and the child or young person.
  • The class teacher is the first point of contact for parents who think their child has additional needs and so may need alternative support.

For full details on our please refer to our which covers physical access, curriculum, written information and disability provisions.

Please also find below a link to our trust's Special Education Needs & Disability Policy.