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Medeshamstede Academy

Home Academy Agreement

Students agree to: School staff agree to: Parents/carers agree to:
Wear school uniform Demonstrate a good standard of dress Send you to school in the correct uniform
Listen when adults are talking Listen Listen and support you to appropriately present your opinions
Accept help from staff Offer help and support Help you to work with all staff who support you
Try hard with their work Offer a quality, engaging curriculum Support you with your school and homework
Not to damage school or other people’s property Help to keep you calm and happy Help you to respect others and their property
Try to walk in corridors Support you to walk around school Support the school in applying school rules
Speak truthfully Speak truthfully Encourage you to speak truthfully
Not threaten or harm others Keep you safe Support school to keep you safe
Try to achieve 100% attendance Welcome you each morning with a smile Support you to try to achieve 100% attendance