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Medeshamstede Academy

Our Staff

Our Staff Teams in Primary Phase

Busy Bees Class

Mrs J. Travers (Teacher)
Mrs D. Plant (EYFS Practitioner)
Ms N. Edwards

Caterpillar Class

Ms T. Webster (Teacher)
Ms J. Jordan
Ms K. Keeley

Butterfly Class

Ms D. Callis (Teacher)
Ms A. Reinis

Badger Class

Ms L. Carter (Practitioner)
Ms K. Allen
Mr D. Richardson

Dragonfly Class

Ms I. Miteva (Teacher)
Ms R Cave

Mouse Class

Ms R Humphreys (Teacher)
Ms L. Watkins
Mr W. Fernandez

Owl Class

Mr N. Spalding (Teacher)
Ms L. Celaire
Ms E. Mote


Reading Champion

Mrs L. Pembery

Physical Development Practitioner

Mr M. Hodgson

Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Mr. C. Howick

Our Staff Teams in Secondary Phase

Wolf Class

Mr T. Humphries (Teacher)
Ms C. Jones

Woodpecker Class

Ms K. Thulbourn (Teacher)
Ms M. Watson
Ms L. West

Hawk Class

Mrs R. Kauser (Teacher)
Ms E. Anthony

Kingfisher Class

Ms R. Dunn (Teacher)
Mrs S. Parker
Ms R. Desouky

Buzzard Class

Ms M. Naysmith (Teacher)
Mr. D. Forbes

Kestral Class

Mr C. Whittingum (Teacher)
Ms C. Brown
Mr N. Smith

Magpie Class

Mr M. English (Teacher)
Ms N Lopes-Pondes

Robin Class

Mrs S. Walker (Teacher)
Mrs W. George

Falcon Class

Mr J. Allen (Teacher)
Ms T. Eagle


Reading Intervention Teacher

Ms Y. Youngman


Ms H. Wincott

Computing Teacher

Mr. J. Eames

Sports Coach

Mr S. Day

Forest School & Outdoor Learning

Mr. C. Howick


Autism Education Trust Trainers

Mr. N. Spalding (AET Leader)
Mrs L. Ives
Mrs C. Toshack
Mr. T. Humphreys
Mrs J. Travers
Ms D. Callis
Ms K. Thulbourn


Midday Supervisors

Mrs N. Hakim, Mrs H. Robbins & Mrs S. Shafique

Administrative Team

Mrs L. Lincoln, Mrs M. Edwards, Mrs N. Maker, Mrs S. Beechey-Smith & Ms A. Ryan

Site Staff

Mr A. Barnes & Mr P. Edwards

Catering Staff

Ms M. Greenaway & Ms S. Wheel