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Medeshamstede Academy



Read, Write Inc (RWI) is the programme used to teach Phonics at Medeshamstede Academy as taken from the list of approved phonics scheme. RWI is a very successful reading programme that aims to enable every child to become confident, accurate and fluent readers. Throughout the programme the children:

• Learn how to pronounce the 44 sounds (single letters, groups of letters) in the English language

• Learn how to form letters correctly using child-friendly patterns, e.g. Maisie, mountain, mountain for ‘m’

• Learn to read tricky/red words by sight recognition

• Learn how to blend sounds together in order to read e.g. d-o-g becomes dog

• Read a hand-picked selection of a range of fiction and non-fiction books

• Learn how to pronounce and therefore accurately blend ‘silly friends’ e.g. br, sl, scr

• Develop their comprehension skills through careful and developmentally-appropriate questioning