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Medeshamstede Academy

Residentials (OAA)

At Medeshamstede Academy we offer annual Outdoor Adventurous Activity (OAA) Residentials with an overall learning focus aimed at developing pupils communication and interaction.

Residential Learning Objectives

Our Residential learning objectives are for pupils to be able to;

  • attempt new physical outdoor adventurous activity challenges,
  • interact appropriately and positively as part of a group within a range of activity settings,
  • apply and develop communication skills when working with unfamiliar staff and activity instructors,
  • apply the social and behavioural expectations of the academy in an unfamiliar environment in order to keep themselves and others safe at all times.

Readiness for Residential

Risk assessment is an important part of assessing our pupils 'readiness for residential'.  This is important to ensure the safety and welfare of all pupils, staff and instructors whilst away.  In order to be safe on residential pupils will need to be able to understand and apply their understanding of health and safety instructions and expectations at all times. 

Where do we go?

Currently pupils go to either our 'beginner residential' at Rock UK, the Frontier Centre in Irthlingborough that is a 45 minute drive away or our 'advanced residential' at the Hilltop Outdoor Centre in Sheringham approximately a 90 minute drive away.

Pupils on the way to their raft building activity at Rock UK.
A pupil zooms down the famous zip line at Hilltop.